Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I hate #2

I hate when guys stare at me. No, actually, I really don't mind if they're staring at me but I hate when they do that creepy side stare thing. Like when they're head is facing one direction and they're staring at you! Only, it's 10x's creepier cause it's just with their eyeball. Guys. You're not fooling anyone. You're not clever because you found a way to stare at chicks without them seeing you. You look like a creep because guess what! We can see your eyeball! It's obvious! It's one thing if you're head-on staring at someone I mean that is pretty creepy but it's a whole 'nother thing when you're "Looking somewhere else" but your eyeball isn't! Trust me it's not comforting to look at someone who you think is turned away and then notice that their eyeball is facing you. Just don't do it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What if one time you were walking around in your house and you were like walking through the kitchen, and you were like"bam!" and then you fell and then you realized that you just walked into someone wearing an invisibility cloak. That would be awkward...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm currently feeling really lonely. I feel like one of those people in the movies who looks around and sees all the happy little couples snuggling each other on a bench and being all happy and I'm just this lonely pathetic person walking alone.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things I hate #1

Okay so I realized that I hate a lot of stuff so I'm gonna do this thing now called things I hate! First thing I hate is when people are trying to read a hard word like "organization" and they say "Orr ganilizartaion" like what?! Where did you get the l and the r and all the extra letters? I don't recall seeing an l in organization... It's called spelling it out we learned it in first grade remember?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Isn't it funny when you write something, and it sounds good, and then a couple months later you read it and you're like "hahahahahaha what the helll was I talking about!?" I feel like that with a lot of my blog posts. Cause its just like, some of the things I say on here are sooo weird! But it's funny!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey everyone! Just a quick update, recently I added a weekly poll and a search bar to my blog! With the search bar, you can search to find any of my older blog posts! For example, if you wanna find the post I did on the ducks game, search: "Ducks game" in the Google search bar at the top left and you can easily find the post! Also the poll is on the right side of the page, I'll be getting a new poll weekly so keep checking in :)
So I was thinking last night, earthquakes are scary... I mean, I'm not scared of them or anything but the whole idea of the earth shaking is kinda creepy. It's like, your house isn't the only thing shaking, it's the ground that you're on! What if we had an everlasting earthquake. What if the Earth shook part of its self off cause it was cracked and it split in half. There are already cracks in the ground now, they could get bigger or something and a chunk of the Earth could just fall off someday... or not... but maybe.


What is "pretty"? It's nothing but opinions. If everyone in the world told an "ugly" person that they're beautiful, wouldn't that make them beautiful? Beauty isn't what you are it's what people think you are. Even people who think they're beautiful could be called ugly. If you think you're pretty but people tell you you're not, you start believing them.

(I'm not talking about me, I'm just saying in general)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Isn't it funny when your sitting in a public place (school, church, work, etc.) and you're SO hungry that your stomach growls really loud? You don't want the person next to you to think you farted or something so you're like "woah, I'm hungry ha ha" in a whispery voice to them. I realized how often I do that. Or i put my hand on my stomach and be like "woahh!". It's kind of funny the things we do so people won't think bad things about you. Even if it's just them thinking you farted.
Sometimes I can't wait to be older so that I can look at all the stuff I saved from my childhood and be like "Woah". I mean, not that I wanna be old or anything but I think it's gonna be really cool to show my kids stuff of mine from when I was their age. I just wish I could save stuff. Anything that i don't want now I just throw out but when I'm older I'll probably wish that I kept it. I already do that now.

Free as a Dream!

Hey guys, my bestfriend Rachel just recently got a blog of her own, you should check it out!
It's: http://www.freeasadream.blogspot.com
She's gonna need some subscribers:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Music

Top Songs Right Now:

Cleveland is the Reason, Kid Cudi
The Prayer, Kid Cudi
Rockstar 101, Rihanna (I can't help it)
Peacock, Katy Perry (I know, it's scary)
Like me, Girlicious
Brain Damage, Pink Floyd
Doin Time (Dubstep Remix), Sublime
I'm so sick of rude people. I'm sick of people who can't shut their mouths. It's like, they say things without thinking or realizing how much of an asshole they sound like and then they act like there's absolutely nothing wrong with what they just said. Think about what you say before you say it. Or just shut your mouth.
I'm in the mood for change. I feel like I'm going through a teenage life crisis. I feel the need to change everything around. I want to go to new places! I want to do new things! I'm tired of McDonald's, I wanna go to Wendy's! I want to re-decorate, I'm bored with brown-ish yellow. I want to change my style I'm sick of Jeans and T-shirts, I'm done being something with wings for Halloween, I just want to change everything. Don't be surprised if you look here one day and it looks completely different...

I Want to:

1. Dance
2. Cook
3. Be funny
4. Be noticed. I mean, NOTICED.
5. Be heard, and be listened to.
6. Tell people to shutup
7. Laugh. A lot.
8. Be interesting
9. Finally convince people that i'm not shy!!
10. Show people my talents
11. Grab the hottest guy in school and kiss him and then just walk away like they do in the movies.
12. Stop being so paranoid.
13. Not cry over stupid things but I can't help it sometimes
14. Say what I wanna say, when I wanna say it
15. Live the life that I want to


So I recently got a diary/journal for my birthday called "The True and the Questions" By: Sabrina Ward Harrison. My aunt, Michelle got it for me! I have to say, I really love it. Basically it's a personal diary but it's not just pages where you write: "Dear Diary, today Todd looked at me in the hall on the way to 3rd period..." It has a table of contents with 5 chapters. Chapter one (1): A Handmade Life, this is about your identity and finding who you are and facing things you struggle with and things you want to do. Chapter two (2) is called "Leaving Ripples" this one's about bravery and being strong (this is a good one). Chapter three (3), "Trust the Mess" aches and loss. Chapter four (4), "The Sweet, Raw Here it is" this is all about love, every kind. Finally, Chapter five (5), "Backyard Porches and Dancing During Dinner" all about home and family.
If I were you I would really check this out, I never really knew how great it is to have a personal diary. You can talk to this book without people disagreeing or arguing. Not to mention, it's great for stress relief. Check it out!

You know what they say about people who tell everyone their dreams...

Soo I had a dream last night! What a surprise...just kidding. Anyways it was probably one of the weirdest dreams that i've had in a reaally long time. Weird enough that I feel like I need to share it with my blog atleast! So the dream starts out: My family and I live in a motor home. One of those round-ish silver ones, you know what i'm talking about. (This is totally normal) and we live in a trailor park in the middle of the dessert. Apparently we're having a problem with zombies (no big deal) and they aren't that bad because they only come out at night time. They kind of are asleep I guess, or something. So the first night, we're in our motor home and we start locking up and getting ready for the zombies to come cause the sun's setting and we don't wanna get eaten and all that. So we finish locking up and all of a sudden "Can't get you out of my head" by Kylie Minogue starts playing reallyy loud outside, and all of the zombies start running down the hills and stuff towards us. All they really do is shake us and stuff cause they can't get in. Then "Can't get you out of my head" starts playing cause it's morning time and the zombies run away. We go outside and find this house next to our motor home, so we go inside and there are three (3) zombies standing around a zombie on the floor. For some reason these zombies didn't try to kill us or anything they were too busy watching the zombie on the floor have a baby.
And that's it.
That was my dream. Pretty interesting huh? It's crazy how your dreams can just stop in the weirdest places.
Okay so, I know i've been gone for a long time but I'm back now! I'm sure I owe this blog like 20 new posts because I haven't posted in a gazillion years (like 4 months) but I can only do so many in one day so be patient with me... but i'm working on it!
Keep checking in cause i'm gonna try to post a lot!


Isn't it funny when people or someone that you're with smells really bad, and after a while you don't know if it's them or if it's you! The other day I was with someone (who will remain annonymous) and after an hour of being around him/her I started to wonder if he/she was the one that smelled or if I was. So of course, I tried to stealthily smell myself to make sure it wasn't me, but when you're that close to someone who smells so bad it's practically impossible to know who the source of the smell really is. Anyway I figured out that it wasn't me when after he/she left it didn't smell bad anymore.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monsters do exist

Soon I'll be doing a CelebStyleStealer!:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How is it that every single era's fashion seems to get slaughtered by people?

Honestly, when did people dress like this in the 50's?

I mean, not that I was alive during the 50's or anything but seriously. I'm sure everyone didn't really walk around in poodle skirts, scarfs tied to their necks, and pig-tails!

And the 70's! Oh gosh don't even get me started on the 70's!

For some reason everyone in the 70's had an afro?

Really? I don't think so.
And the 80's. People, not everyone dressed like Madonna!!

I have to say, out of all of these era's, The 90's have to be the least messed up so far.

See, kind of true I guess. But I'm sure that in ten years it will be just as bad as the rest of these!


If you would like any of the information, prices, or where to buy these items, just leave a comment telling me the item you like!

Retro Godess

1950's Beach
If you want the information on any of the prices or where to buy these items, just comment and tell me the item you like!

Strawberry Chic


Bubblegum Babe

bubblegum by Hugsforever featuring Melissa shoes

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, I recently discovered that Nylon Magazine has a mall?! I don't know where it is but I do know that I am deffinitely going there some day! Also, in this months magazine they had kinda like little dedication things to a whole bunch of Youtube stars! The ones I remember are: DulceCandy, KandeeJohnson, and MichellePham. I'm subscribed to all of their channels so I already knew about them but it was so funny seeing them in there! Aaand! They have a blog and Youtube channel which are: www.Nylonmag.com/nylonblogs/ and www.youtube.com/user/nylonmagazinetv?blend=1&ob=4

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you ever think about old times and wish you could go back to them? I have so many time's in my life that I would love to go back to but when I think about it, I'm gonna think about what's happening in my life right now and wish I could go back to it in 2 years. Why don't people enjoy life the way it is when it's there? No matter what you do, it's hard to enjoy times in your life until they're over and you can't have them back. I think that's because you only remember the overall time. Not the daily life. Plus, some people only remember the best parts.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Okay, so this is my sort of "Makeup Area" where I do my makeup everyday and stuff:)

This is what I keep my makeup in, it's just a plain plastic drawer with three drawers in it.
On top of that, I keep my makeup books and all of my brushes.

These are all of my makeup brushes. I just used a plain flower pot kind of thing and put marbles in it so that the brushes could sit in them without moving around and being loose everywere.

This is one of my makeup/fashion books that I use for ideas when I'm having a day that I want crazy makeup. This book is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if you like fashion or design, you'll love this book, I'm telling you.
This is a wedding makeup book but I use it for eyeshadow ideas because it's all really neutral colors and stuff. It's more of an everyday makeup look than the other book would be.
This book is SOO good! It's full of makeup tips and tricks. It has about ten chapters on things like skin, nails, eyes, lips, body, foundations, hair, and other things! It come's in handy!
So this is the first drawer. It has all of my face stuff in it. Foundations, concealers, powders, primers, and blushes. It's not as organized as I would like it to be because the weird shapes of everything in it don't fit together very well and they roll around a lot, but it works.
This is the second drawer. It has all of my eye stuff in it. Eyeshadows, liquid shadows, highlighters, eyeliners, mascaras, and eye glitters. It makes it so easy to find everything quickly!

This is the last drawer! It has all of my lip products in it! Lip glosses, lipsticks, balms, gels, everything.
So that's my makeup stash for now but I'll keep updating it!:)

Pet peeves

You know what really pisses me off?? When people put their hand over your mouth while your saying something. Like you couldn't have just told me to shutup, you had to physically stop me from talking? Emma did that too me today and I just had to write about it. It doesn't happen to me very often but when it does, oh man...

Alsooo I've decided that I want to be amazing. I don't really know how else to say it. I want to do art and makeup and fashion and blog and hair and write amazing, long fashion blogs and makeup blogs. I mean I'll still talk and all that but I also would really like to share what I love with everyone on here. All I do all day is look up makeup stuff and read www.HairJunky.com and I think of all these ideas and everything. I really wanna do makeup tutorials and videos and vlogging on Youtube too but I have no camera so I don't know about that but I have so much passion for fashion and art and makeup that I want to share with everyone. I've never been so passionate about anything like this ever. I mean, I LOVE it!


Hey everyone! I know it's been a REALLY long time! I'm sure that no one checks this anymore but I've been so busy and my mind has been dead. Obviously, I've been thinking about a lot of things but I would think of something to blog about and it was just pointless seeming. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, I've been really lazy lately. I usually don't blog for like 2 weeks at the most and then I go on and post like 4 in one day so I guess I'm gonna have to write 10 new posts or something like that! I think my writing juices are flowing again! (Hopefully)

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's so funny that I'm one of those people who thinks of things to blog about while they're laying in bed and then they write them down and then I look at them in the morning. This probably isn't such a great idea most of the time, because I write a lot of weird things. I start getting really tired and then I write weird ideas down like: Write about Muscle Spasms. Really? Muscle Spasms? I don't even remember writing that one down! I'm sure I could find some way to talk about muscle spasms but I don't really know why I would. Some time soon I'll have to do it just because I wrote it but most of the time I don't talk about those weird ones. I always think of good topics and then I forget them and I'll sit down to blog and I go blank!


As I was laying in my bed last night (which is where I do my best thinking) I thought: "Is daylight savings time really an hour ahead or is it actually the real time?" We change our clocks back but then we put them an hour forward again so which one is the real time? Is it really supposed to be dark at 6 o' clock or is it actually the other way around?! That's a great way to confuse yourself...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So for my birthday (which is coming up in approximately 110 days) which is like 3 months and 2 weeks, I'm gonna get the Ipad! I'm so excited! If you don't know what an Ipad is, it's kinda like a giant Iphone laptop and it's got everything that a computer has and most things from the Iphone like apps, music, and lots more! I'm seriously hopin for one and I think it's a done-deel but ya:) Woohoo! I can hardly contain my excitement so I had to blog it!


So I really want to go blonder and I was thinking about going this blonde:
Tell me what you think cause I'll probably do it soon! (Hopefully)
Oh ya and I'm probably gonna get an official blog photo soon too! So stick around for that:)
Love you guys! (whoever you are!)
So I was thinking, why can't every commercial just be funny? They have the most boring commercials ever that are so unappealing and lifeless. It's no wonder everyone thinks commercials are so boring! Although, everyone likes funny things right? I don't know, maybe some people just aren't that creative or interesting but they really should try to be.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I found the most beautiful wedding bouquets online today! These are what i want in my wedding! They aren't actually flowers, they're brooches! I think they are the best idea ever created in wedding history because you can keep them forever!

This is the one that I'm gonna have in my wedding! (the colorful one)


If you haven't noticed, my titles never really seem to go with the topic I talk about in my actual post. I'm probably not really going to write (or type) about goobs. But I guess thats better than "sjfajgflfh" or nothing, right?
Hmmm.... what to talk about? Maybe I'll talk about how annoying it is being a 90 pound freshman and having people think you're in 7th grade. I wish people could understand how frustrating it is being so little.
The other day I was at the dentist and the dentist helper lady was setting up for my filling. This is our conversation.
Dentist Lady: So are you homeschooled?
Me: Umm no but I was in 6th grade!
Dentist Lady: Was that last year?
Me: No, I'm a freshman in highschool now.
Dentist Lady: Oh! Thats so weird, my kids were a lot bigger than you in 9th grade.
Me: Oh. Hah.. thats cool:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The life and Times

Okay so you know those things on facebook that you can become a fan of, and they're things that you like, or say, or do, or whatever? I was laughing at all the ones that i've put so I decided to list them all on here for you guys (whoever reads this) and you can tell me if you've ever liked, said, done, or whatevered any of them!:)

1. Petville
2. Farmville
3. Hate waking up for school
4. Dora is a multilingual 4 year old, she should be able to find the banana tree on her own.
5. Telling someone a story and them saying "I know I was there remember?"
6. When the dentist asks you a question while they're operating on your teeth
7. Deep down, we've all wanted to try a Krabby Patty
8. When you count how many hours of sleep you'll get before you go to bed
9. The way that everything is so much funnier when you're not supposed to be laughing
10. For the amount I eat, I should be massive
11. Getting scared when you knock over a drink and you realize that the cup was empty
12. Looking at someone and automatically feeling annoyed
13. How stupid you feel when you say "What?" a thousand times
14. I hate "Battery Low"
15. When you're super excited for something and everything goes wrong
16. How much it sucks when you wake up from a good dream and it won't come back
17. I hate when one string on my hoodie becomes longer than the other one
18. I love it when someones laugh is funnier than the actual joke
19. Ice cream!
20. I used to harass Smarter Child on aim when no one else was online
21. 5 more minutes mom!
22. I used to pretend I was asleep after car rides to get carried into the house
23. I wish I could record my dreams and watch them over again
24. I wish I could see myself through someone elses eyes
25. Wishing that dream you just had was really true
26. Being glad that the nightmare you just had wasn't true
27. In my day, we had The Backstreet Boys, not Justin Beiber
28. Inhabit Design http://www.inhabitlv.com/
29. The movie, The Hangover
30. Kids Bop needs to end
31. Kelley Simpson Photography http://www.kelleysimpsonphotography.com/
32. When your door is closed, someone comes in, walks out, and leaves it wide open
33. No, I'm not lying, but when you look at me like that how could I not smile
34. When Microsoft Word asks you if you spelled your last name wrong
35. When you say a word so many times that it doesn't even sound like a word anymore
36. When you open a pack of gum, everyone is your bestfriend
37. When you save a file as "efherif" because you're too lazy to type a better one
38. Shaggy from Scooby Doo is definitely a pot head (if you don't know who that is, look him up)
39. The moment of joy when you see your food coming to your table
40. Eating food samples and walking away
41. "Where are we going?" "I don't know I was following you!"
42. The moment that your heart stops when you tilt back in your chair too far
43. The first time I had a Mcflurry, I thought the spoon was a straw
44. When I turn the lights off downstairs, I run like hell
45. When I sit on the ground, I automatically start pulling the grass out
46. When you twitch in your bed 'cause you visioned yourself falling off a building
47. Drinking water with mint gum in your mouth and it tastes 5x's colder
48. Trampolines!
49. That awkward moment when you glance at someone staring at you
50. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heres a laugh!

Okay, so apparently I was a fantastic writer even when I was in second grade....
I just found a story that I wrote and I am gonna write it all out EXACTLY how I wrote it in second grade. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, everything. Get ready for this one!

chapter 1 of the gold dragon
once upon a time there whas a gold dragon and a knight and one day the knight named theodor whas garding the queens & kings casle. theodor the knight saw fir come out of nowhere he quick put out his sard and the fir stoped. he thought it was stramge. so he told the king and queen but and they thought he wus crasy and told him he whas a day dreamer but he egnored and whent to where the fire came from when he got thare he whas thirsty and week and came to a rock the rock moved so did theodor the rock slided so did theodor and gusse what theodor did not know it whas the gold dragon not arock. and theodor jumped of the rock or dragon and ran and he whas not crasy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he screemed and never ever stop
chapter 2 not so bad
after that day theodor never whent back but the dragon this time whent to theodor that day the day the dragon whas coming to theodor theordor whas waching the casle scurde even not knowing that the dragon whas coming. that day at 7 .p.m. the dragon came theodor whas tired waching the casle thats when it hapned theodor whent to sit on the grass this time he did not reremder what color the dragonwhaus the color was green he sat on the grass the grass whas not grass it was the dragon of coors. it moved theodor samed of the grass and screamed help me help me help me. i am being atacket by umonster help me please you have to suve me the dragon just sat and said i will not hirt you theodor stoped scureaming and listend a little while and screamed again. and the dragon said stop you are hirting my eres theodor grined the dragon said why are you grinning? because i am hirting your eres and the dragon said i dont get it? theodor said you are scary where did you come from spain? no I came from asia why. you are scary oh. theodor scureamed again stop it said the dragon no said theodor you are to scary you diserv it. oh great! said the dragon.

not yet rated

Hahahaha that was it! I Hope you like it! Oh and by the way I FINALLY did actually get the comments to work so you can comment all of my posts now:)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey everyone! I've been wanting to post this for a while but I forget everything! So I was eating Jalapenos (the mexican food, not the pepper) and I was drinking a coke and I realized "Hey this is my favorite way to drink Coke! With Mexican Food!" and I finally think I figured out how to make it so you can comment my posts and i want everyone who reads this to comment this post and tell me "What is your favorite thing to eat/drink with coke" I WILL read all of them so do it!:)

More posts coming soon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wow. When you think about it, it's incredible how many strangers we trust. We trust all the resturants and fast food places to feed us food that isn't poisoned. We trust the car dealers and makers that our car won't explode any time we get in the car, we trust that the cell phone companies don't put bugs in our phone that crawl out into our ears when we talk on the phone and brain wash us. We trust so many people that we don't know, yet there are so many crazy people in the world that could do anything they wanted without us knowing. Do we trust these people because we're all idiots? The odd thing is that our trust is tested when people get mad cow disease from bad beef, or e-coli from the soup plantation. Sometimes it backfires but when something like that happens, do people stop eating at the soup plantation? There are still just as many old people eating there as there used to be. Because they trust that the problem is fixed. Life is so weird when you analyze it as much as I do.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't you hate it when you tell someone a joke or show them something funny, and after they finish listening to you or watching what you showed them, they smile and say "Thats funny". It's like "NO! You're supposed to laugh! You should be on the floor right now! Laughing!! You shouldn't even be able to say that's funny because you should be laughing so hard!" And you can always tell by their smile. It's either the open mouth smile with their teeth showing. That one means "Yaaa.. that was...funny..." Or the closed mouth grin like"I'm just smiling to be nice. That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen/heard". That just makes me mad! Or when they say "I don't get it?" Then you have to explain the whole joke to them and somewhere along the way it just loses its funniness and you forget why you're even going through all of this explaining because when they probably still wont even get it or they'll say "Oh, thats funny".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Isn't weird, the way I start my posts? I always start by saying "Okay, so!" So this time I'm gonna start it differently. Alright, well! Lately I have been struggling with my shyness. I mean I hate how someone will start having a conversation with me and I have nothing funny or clever or good to say that would make me seem like I'm not a little boring wallflower. I don't like being soo shy all the time! I am NOT a shy person! Sometimes I just struggle to find things to talk about! I'm generally nice and fun but unless I hangout with you everyday then I'm not even myslef. I'll be nice and all that but I just CANNOT find anything good to say that I would with my bestfriend or sister or whoever. People always say "Oh why don't you talk in class and stuff you're so looud outside of school" and honestly, I have no clue. It's like the second I walk in the door I have nothing to say. Yet, outside of school or class I'm really outgoing and loud. I don't understand it. I wish I could just be outgoing and talk all the time and always have something awesome to say. For some reason it's really easy for me to just spill my mind onto the keys and type it all out. When I'm alone I don't act like a shy person. When I'm with my friends they would never guess that I'm shy or rarely have anything to say in a group of strangers. I'm just not the kind of person who strives in groups of people because I seem to get smushed down and I'm not loud enough to be like "HEY EVERYBODY!" I don't really know where I'm going with this but I don't think it's really going anywhere...really. Anyways, I'm trying to keep up on my blog so don't forget about me! I'll try to blog atleast once a day! I can't make promises but keep reading!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey everyone I haven't been on in forever so I haven't had time to sit down and blog! Okay, so I was thinking about something the other day when some kid in my health class ripped one. Is that farts don't even really gross me out. I mean sure the smell can be pretty nasty but how is that so different from coughing or sneezing in the middle of a room full of people?! I think that the reason that farts gross people out so much is because it reminds them that people have butts! Okay it's not so convincing yet but you'll catch on. So a cough doesn't come out of your butt, but no one gets grossed out when you cough. Unless you don't cover your mouth or you can hear all the mucus losening up in your throat...but we don't really need to talk about that right now. Anyways! I think that people just get disgusted at the fact that everyone has a butt! And it doesn't gross you out when you see someone, you're not thinking eww they have a butt. But when you hear something come popping out it's just like oh yeah! EWW! It's not like farting is THAT bad but the whole idea of it is just so weird! Well, that all just popped up into my head in 2 seconds so it may not sound as good as it did when I was thinking it but you hopefully get the picture! :)