Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I love #1

I was beginning to feel a little too negative with the things I hate column so I decided I should balance out the emotions on this page with a "Things I love". Things I love #1:
I love... well I love a lot of things. Boba tea, sleeping in the rain, going to the beach, cooking, blah blah blah. That stuff's cool but it gets boring, doesn't it? People love millions of generic "things" but what fun would they be to read about? I wanna share some things that I love that are interesting, maybe even a little weird to some people, or maybe even things that other people love but they didn't really realize they loved it until they read this and were like "Oh myy goshh dude woah me too!". But hopefully I can actually achieve these high expectations of mine. Okay I'm rambling. Anyways, Thing I Love Numero Uno! < (P.S I failed Spanish class...): I love putting mascara on clean eyelashes. I don't really know what it is about it but I love getting up in the morning and putting my mascara on. I love the way the tips of your eyeslashes suddenly appear because they were too thin and light to see them before. I love when you look at your eye and it justs looks more femenine and pretty. But also, I love doing makeup.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I hate # what is this...4? P.S: CAUTION

Valentines day. Who on earth invented this crap holiday? You can say I'm bitter but honestly this is just a terrible idea and it's just asking for a negative outcome. Women get their hopes up and men, who can never seem to reach women's expectations, just can't hold up. Sometimes they can but then all the women or teenage girls have to walk around work/school seeing stupid happy couples all over the place and/or other women who's expectations are being met. This just reminds you how sad and pathetic you and your love life are and then you feel like crap all day and go home and stuff your face with the chocolates that you bought for yourself at cvs cause no one got you anything. Or if you have a day like me, then the guy that you've been "dating" told you he just wants to be friends and you sit in your room eating chocolates that your step dad bought for your mom and watch Glee. This post is for all the people who have had a terrible valentines day or have ever had one and I'm just saying, your day will come. You deserve just as good of a valentines day as any of those other bitches do. Screw them.
P.S sorry about the language in this. It's coming from a very dark place in my heart right now. Ok have a nice day.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's be honest, everyone creeps. If you don't know what creeping is, it's actually a few different things. I don't mean the kind of creeping like stalking or watching someone through their bedroom window with a pair of binoculars and some popcorn. I mean reading peoples conversations on facebook, listening to someones conversation when they think they're whispering but they actually whisper like a deaf person (or someone else who can't tell how loud they're actually talking). But that's beside the point. My point is, everyone creeps but the ones who don't admit they creep, are the creepiest ones. I mean, don't go up to someone and be like "hey I totally creep on you ;D" but admit to yourself that you creep and then you'll be good.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Our bodies are machines. You have to take care of them just like a machine. You have to learn how to drive your body and then know how to maintain it and keep it in working order. Your soul inside of your body is like a human in a car. You decide what to do with your body and where to take it, and then you go there. You're a transportation device, if you didn't have a body it would be impossible to go anywhere. You charge your body's battery by sleeping and instead of fueling it with gasoline, or oil, you eat food and drink water. You wash your body just like you wash your car. Your eyes are your windshield, and your feet are your tires.

Car behavior

I think people have a certain comfort zone in their cars. You yell at people all the time in your car for cutting you off or not signaling or just being annoying. If you think about it, how many people do you see at Disneyland yelling and swearing at someone because they're walking in front of them in an annoying way? How many people do you see, flipping the person who just bumped into them off and then walking away. Why do we do it in our cars?

Yelling at inanimate objects

Most people do this without even realizing. Today, I was in the car with my mom, and a cd was jiggling around in the door pocket, and I told it to shutup! And I was thinking, isn't it weird how we yell at things when we walk into them, and we sometimes hit things when they aren't working, and yell at them? Yelling at the computer for being slow and hitting it to "make it work". It's a good thing parents don't yell at and hit their children for being slow. Or yelling at someone who was just standing on the sidewalk, because you walked into them.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Isn't it funny how when you try to think about nothing, you end up thinking about a lot. This is my thought process when I think about "nothing":
Hmm nothing nothing, nothing else matters, oh my ex- boyfriend used to love that song, dude I can't believe that was 3 years ago, in 3 years I won't even be in high school any more, I'll have the cutest apartment when I move out, I remember looking for apartments in CCP, haha that was the best class ever, Oakley met James in there, I can't believe they're going out now....
The harder you try to think about nothing, the more you think about.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Age is a funny thing. The things you learn, the ways you grow. So many things can happen to one person in a lifetime, it's ridiculous. No matter how old you get, you will always be the same person you were 50 years ago, but you could have changed so much throughout that time that you feel like someone else. Growing physically and mentally and emotionally. Sometimes it makes you sad to look back at the person you used to be or that someone else used to be because you feel like they're just gone. Even though they could be sitting right next to you or they are you. Sometimes it makes you happy because you've grown into a better person, or closer to the person you want to be. But you are always you. It's funny how you can go without seeing an infant for 5 years and now they're 5 years old and talking and walking, and they have learned more than you can imagine, and they even look completely different. But you can go 5 years without seeing an adult, and they have the same haircut, same hair color, same personality, and "They haven't changed a bit!". It seems that the older you get, the slower you grow, the less you learn, and the less you change. Sometimes you look back at something you did 20 years ago and think "How could I have ever done that? I would never do that now, I would never say that now... " But the same person thinking that, is the same person who did that 20 years ago. Age is a crazy thing, the things you can learn in on lifetime, all the things you can do in one lifetime, and all the people that one person can be in one lifetime really get's you thinking about who you are today, and where you've been.

Alix, my sister. We've grown up together, you've known me since I didn't know anything. Through all the hair colors, hair cuts, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the sad, the troubles, the babysitters, the hard times, the fun times, the laughter, the tears, the everything. You've been there. You're my other half. I look up to you more than anyone in the world, and you will never know how much I love you but I try to tell you

Friday, January 21, 2011

Some fun things you can do with your printer scanner when you're bored:

My little typing fingers :)

My hair.

Tiny miniature candies what?!


Ooh la la fancy schmancy

My little crayons

Lotion. (Don't worry mom, I cleaned it off)

A little textingg


I like chocolate coins....
P.S. (These captions are all really dumb)
Have a nice day, you might wanna try this it's pretty fun!

New look coming soon!

I feel like re-decorating again! So guess what! I'm gonna! Next time you look at this page, it will look different. Unless you're actually reading this after I re-did it... which in that case, I don't even know what to tell you... But anyways! Some new blogpost's comin in soon too so be ready for it! OK:)