Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey everyone! Just a quick update, recently I added a weekly poll and a search bar to my blog! With the search bar, you can search to find any of my older blog posts! For example, if you wanna find the post I did on the ducks game, search: "Ducks game" in the Google search bar at the top left and you can easily find the post! Also the poll is on the right side of the page, I'll be getting a new poll weekly so keep checking in :)
So I was thinking last night, earthquakes are scary... I mean, I'm not scared of them or anything but the whole idea of the earth shaking is kinda creepy. It's like, your house isn't the only thing shaking, it's the ground that you're on! What if we had an everlasting earthquake. What if the Earth shook part of its self off cause it was cracked and it split in half. There are already cracks in the ground now, they could get bigger or something and a chunk of the Earth could just fall off someday... or not... but maybe.


What is "pretty"? It's nothing but opinions. If everyone in the world told an "ugly" person that they're beautiful, wouldn't that make them beautiful? Beauty isn't what you are it's what people think you are. Even people who think they're beautiful could be called ugly. If you think you're pretty but people tell you you're not, you start believing them.

(I'm not talking about me, I'm just saying in general)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Isn't it funny when your sitting in a public place (school, church, work, etc.) and you're SO hungry that your stomach growls really loud? You don't want the person next to you to think you farted or something so you're like "woah, I'm hungry ha ha" in a whispery voice to them. I realized how often I do that. Or i put my hand on my stomach and be like "woahh!". It's kind of funny the things we do so people won't think bad things about you. Even if it's just them thinking you farted.
Sometimes I can't wait to be older so that I can look at all the stuff I saved from my childhood and be like "Woah". I mean, not that I wanna be old or anything but I think it's gonna be really cool to show my kids stuff of mine from when I was their age. I just wish I could save stuff. Anything that i don't want now I just throw out but when I'm older I'll probably wish that I kept it. I already do that now.

Free as a Dream!

Hey guys, my bestfriend Rachel just recently got a blog of her own, you should check it out!
It's: http://www.freeasadream.blogspot.com
She's gonna need some subscribers:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Music

Top Songs Right Now:

Cleveland is the Reason, Kid Cudi
The Prayer, Kid Cudi
Rockstar 101, Rihanna (I can't help it)
Peacock, Katy Perry (I know, it's scary)
Like me, Girlicious
Brain Damage, Pink Floyd
Doin Time (Dubstep Remix), Sublime
I'm so sick of rude people. I'm sick of people who can't shut their mouths. It's like, they say things without thinking or realizing how much of an asshole they sound like and then they act like there's absolutely nothing wrong with what they just said. Think about what you say before you say it. Or just shut your mouth.
I'm in the mood for change. I feel like I'm going through a teenage life crisis. I feel the need to change everything around. I want to go to new places! I want to do new things! I'm tired of McDonald's, I wanna go to Wendy's! I want to re-decorate, I'm bored with brown-ish yellow. I want to change my style I'm sick of Jeans and T-shirts, I'm done being something with wings for Halloween, I just want to change everything. Don't be surprised if you look here one day and it looks completely different...

I Want to:

1. Dance
2. Cook
3. Be funny
4. Be noticed. I mean, NOTICED.
5. Be heard, and be listened to.
6. Tell people to shutup
7. Laugh. A lot.
8. Be interesting
9. Finally convince people that i'm not shy!!
10. Show people my talents
11. Grab the hottest guy in school and kiss him and then just walk away like they do in the movies.
12. Stop being so paranoid.
13. Not cry over stupid things but I can't help it sometimes
14. Say what I wanna say, when I wanna say it
15. Live the life that I want to


So I recently got a diary/journal for my birthday called "The True and the Questions" By: Sabrina Ward Harrison. My aunt, Michelle got it for me! I have to say, I really love it. Basically it's a personal diary but it's not just pages where you write: "Dear Diary, today Todd looked at me in the hall on the way to 3rd period..." It has a table of contents with 5 chapters. Chapter one (1): A Handmade Life, this is about your identity and finding who you are and facing things you struggle with and things you want to do. Chapter two (2) is called "Leaving Ripples" this one's about bravery and being strong (this is a good one). Chapter three (3), "Trust the Mess" aches and loss. Chapter four (4), "The Sweet, Raw Here it is" this is all about love, every kind. Finally, Chapter five (5), "Backyard Porches and Dancing During Dinner" all about home and family.
If I were you I would really check this out, I never really knew how great it is to have a personal diary. You can talk to this book without people disagreeing or arguing. Not to mention, it's great for stress relief. Check it out!

You know what they say about people who tell everyone their dreams...

Soo I had a dream last night! What a surprise...just kidding. Anyways it was probably one of the weirdest dreams that i've had in a reaally long time. Weird enough that I feel like I need to share it with my blog atleast! So the dream starts out: My family and I live in a motor home. One of those round-ish silver ones, you know what i'm talking about. (This is totally normal) and we live in a trailor park in the middle of the dessert. Apparently we're having a problem with zombies (no big deal) and they aren't that bad because they only come out at night time. They kind of are asleep I guess, or something. So the first night, we're in our motor home and we start locking up and getting ready for the zombies to come cause the sun's setting and we don't wanna get eaten and all that. So we finish locking up and all of a sudden "Can't get you out of my head" by Kylie Minogue starts playing reallyy loud outside, and all of the zombies start running down the hills and stuff towards us. All they really do is shake us and stuff cause they can't get in. Then "Can't get you out of my head" starts playing cause it's morning time and the zombies run away. We go outside and find this house next to our motor home, so we go inside and there are three (3) zombies standing around a zombie on the floor. For some reason these zombies didn't try to kill us or anything they were too busy watching the zombie on the floor have a baby.
And that's it.
That was my dream. Pretty interesting huh? It's crazy how your dreams can just stop in the weirdest places.
Okay so, I know i've been gone for a long time but I'm back now! I'm sure I owe this blog like 20 new posts because I haven't posted in a gazillion years (like 4 months) but I can only do so many in one day so be patient with me... but i'm working on it!
Keep checking in cause i'm gonna try to post a lot!


Isn't it funny when people or someone that you're with smells really bad, and after a while you don't know if it's them or if it's you! The other day I was with someone (who will remain annonymous) and after an hour of being around him/her I started to wonder if he/she was the one that smelled or if I was. So of course, I tried to stealthily smell myself to make sure it wasn't me, but when you're that close to someone who smells so bad it's practically impossible to know who the source of the smell really is. Anyway I figured out that it wasn't me when after he/she left it didn't smell bad anymore.