Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top 5 Guys! (celebs)

Ok! My top five celeb crush countdown!

Here they are:

5. Joey Rozmus from The Real World Cancun! I think he's so cute! Even though he's technically not a "celebrity" I think hes a really cute semi-famous person, guy. Even though he's kind of an... ass. (Sorry dad and grandma) hahaa..

4. Ray Liotta. My favorite version of Ray Liotta is the Field of Dreams baseball player he plays. Hello beautiful! For those of you dont know who Ray Liotta is this is him! He always look really good in whatever he's in but he barely has any good pictures.

3. George Clooney! Haaa! No matter what he's in he looks amazing. I especially like him in "From Dusk Till Dawn" I think its the tattoo that goes up his arm to his neck maybe... But he is just a classic handsome guy!

2. Vince Vaughn! I never knew that he was so gorgeous until I watched swingers. Ever since then I've been totally in love with him!

1. Ashton Kutcher, he has always been one of my faves so I put him number 1. He's just so perfect!

0. I didn't really know where to put him because he's not my number one but I couldn't put him after anyone so he's my number 0. Jude Law, and if you read my earlier post you'll know what I think about him already!

Jude Law

Oh my goodness! Jude Law is soo amazing! How could you not think that this man is gorgeous?

See! Except the only thing is... I looked him up on google....:) And he has seriously hairy legs! I dont know why but when legs are that hairy I just think its gross. Maybe its just me but thats a turn off. Anyways! I just watched The Holiday and he is so cute! He has the blue-est eyes ever! And I dig a guy with an accent. He is definitely on my top 5:) I'll post that soon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


These are all the jeans that we got yesterday! I thought that I would upload them on here to show how cute they are! Haha enjoy!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So I went to Pac sun yesterday with my best friend Oakley. We walked into the store thinking that nothing was gonna fit us. Because it never does. Because we are unusually skinny. Anyways, we grabbed all of the double zero jeans that we could and went into a dressing room. I put the first pair of pants on and it was like my whole life had just flashed before my eyes. They fit amazingly! Perfectly! It was supernatural! So we ran out of the dressing room, in the pants, and the lady who worked there was dying, grabbing all of the pants that she could find in double zero and giving them to us. She would get a pair of pants and be like "LOOK AT THESE ONES! THEY'RE DOUBLE ZERO!" and we would grab them and try them on. We ended up finding 6 pairs of jeans and put them on hold because we had $0.74 all together. And now they are on hold for us, waiting to be bought! And I will do whatever I can to get those jeans... But nothing crazy....really. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I dont know why but I've suddenly stumbled upon an infatuation with... aprons?! I've found the cutest aprons ever online! If I were a housewife all I would do is cook and bake in my cute little aprons! I decided to blog about these and put some of the outrageously cute apron pics on here so you can see what im talking about!

First one, this is the Half Ava Retro Cherries Apron, By Jessie Steele. I think her designs are soo cute and I'm a fan of the retro styled things. Plus, the style is so adorable that it's just so irresistable.

The second, is The BELLA Vintage Inspired Birds of Norway Full Apron. The shape of this one is super cute and the pattern is obviously darling! This one is by Boojiboo.

Another super cute one! This one has owls on it and it is the happiest pattern! This is another Boojiboo apron!

Thats all for now. But I'm still on the prowl.:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love friends. Life would be so boring without them. And if you think about it the only good friends are the kinds that you can be as retarded as you want around and they can be too. And if you have a friend who doesnt act stupid around you, good luck. Real friends will imitate the mom from Malcom in the Middle, yelling it in front of the whole school. And real friends will make stupid faces to you no matter how ugly they look. Or run around in the streets at night singing really loud and hiding from cars when they drive by, or walk like a dinosaur and make pteradactyl noises around your neighborhood.

And i promised Oakley that i would write about her in here. Gurlll you dont have to tell me I already know. :) You are my best friend! The Best friend that i'm talking about in my little paragraph. You tolerate my retardedness and laugh at me even when i'm not even being funny! And I know that you have my back and you know I have yours. Not only are we the same size but we practically share a brain! Gurl I love you! <3

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Top 5 Resturants of All Time!

You know what i love? Food! I eat more than any person I know. Not in the way where I can eat 4 big macs and have room for fries and a milkshake- But I love to snack. Here is my daily meal routine: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, snack, snack, dinner, snack, dessert, snack, snack. With all this snacking, you'd think that I would be 400 pounds by now, but no. And its not like I eat big portions of food, I can never finish anything, but I'll eat dinner and not even finish it.. Then I go to the cupboard to get something else to eat 5 minutes later. Anyways, now that you know how much I love food....

I have decided to post a blog on the best resturants (in my opinion). Top 5! So here we go:

5. The 5th best place to eat is Chili's! I admire this resturant mostly for its Chicken Crispers, even though a lot of people can't eat them because they are "too greasy" which I just dont see how thats a problem!:)
4. El torito grill! I absolutely love the Chicken Sour Cream Enchiladas there. And that for one is why El Torito is number 4 on this list.
3. Macaroni Grill. I love The Chicken Alfredo, The bread, The macaroni and cheese, Pretty much everything about this resturant is fabulous(especially how they let you draw on the tables).
2. TGIFridays! There are way too many things here that are amazing so I'm not gonna write them all out. But i must say they have some good steaks and try the Cheesey Spinache dip its awesome!
1. Drum roll please! And the best resturant iss.... RUBY'S! I am in love with Ruby's! They have the greatest ranch dressing, milkshakes, burgers, and the jalapeno cheese sticks are to die for! Plus i approve of the theme:)


There's nothing like Christmas time. Snuggling up in a cozy blanket by the fire, watching an old black and white christmas movie while the lights on your Christmas tree twinkle. And you enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while eating those really good soft peppermint sticks from Williams Sonoma that they only make during the holidays. And the smell of warm baked goods fills your house.

There's nothing like going outside and having the chilly air surround your face and the second you walk in the warm house and take your big fluffy coat off, turn on some christmas music, and pull out the peppermint bark. There is nothing like it.

Oh yeah. Thats what I'm talking about.


So, I was talking to my little sister Emma, and I was telling her about my blog and I said "Wanna know what some of my favorite things are?" and after I read the long list of my favorite things, she said "Well, I guess you don't have to put me in there". I said "You're not a thing you're a person, if I had a list of favorite people you'd be on it" and she said, "Ok, then make a list of favorite people".

If I was to make a new blog I would make a blog called "The things that Emma says" I would never run out of things to write about!

The ducks game!

The ducks game was so great! The Anaheim Ducks beat the Vancouver Canucks 7 to 2. It was so much fun, and as my first hockey game it pushed baseball into 2nd for the most fun sport to watch. Even though the seats in the Honda Center make me feel claustraphobic because the rows are so steep and we we're so high up, i forgot about my anxiety because the game was so fun. Plus at breaktimes, we got a huge kick out of the giant floating serta sheep. So of course- i had to take a picture... and a video. :)


I have to say. School is probably my least favorite thing on the planet. Its up there with throwing up, breakups, homework, and pain. But it definitely tops all of those. I would much rather get slapped in the face or kicked in the knee than go to school. The one thing that i hate the most (the same thing repeatedly) is all that school really is. You wake up, you get ready, you go to school, the bell rings, you go to your classes, you eat lunch, you finish your classes, the bell rings, you go home. Then you do the same thing tomorrow.


Welcome to my blog! There's no purpose to this blog really, other than entertainment. Im not gonna lie the first post is pretty boring. Most peoples' first post probably sound alike. "Welcome to my blog, thanks for looking at my page, blah blah blah ". But dont let this first post bore you enough to not look back because i promise it wont be this boring all the time. Anyways welcome to my blog, thanks for looking at my page, blah blah blah. :)