Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I dont know why but I've suddenly stumbled upon an infatuation with... aprons?! I've found the cutest aprons ever online! If I were a housewife all I would do is cook and bake in my cute little aprons! I decided to blog about these and put some of the outrageously cute apron pics on here so you can see what im talking about!

First one, this is the Half Ava Retro Cherries Apron, By Jessie Steele. I think her designs are soo cute and I'm a fan of the retro styled things. Plus, the style is so adorable that it's just so irresistable.

The second, is The BELLA Vintage Inspired Birds of Norway Full Apron. The shape of this one is super cute and the pattern is obviously darling! This one is by Boojiboo.

Another super cute one! This one has owls on it and it is the happiest pattern! This is another Boojiboo apron!

Thats all for now. But I'm still on the prowl.:)

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