Sunday, November 22, 2009


So I went to Pac sun yesterday with my best friend Oakley. We walked into the store thinking that nothing was gonna fit us. Because it never does. Because we are unusually skinny. Anyways, we grabbed all of the double zero jeans that we could and went into a dressing room. I put the first pair of pants on and it was like my whole life had just flashed before my eyes. They fit amazingly! Perfectly! It was supernatural! So we ran out of the dressing room, in the pants, and the lady who worked there was dying, grabbing all of the pants that she could find in double zero and giving them to us. She would get a pair of pants and be like "LOOK AT THESE ONES! THEY'RE DOUBLE ZERO!" and we would grab them and try them on. We ended up finding 6 pairs of jeans and put them on hold because we had $0.74 all together. And now they are on hold for us, waiting to be bought! And I will do whatever I can to get those jeans... But nothing crazy....really. :)

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