Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top 5 Guys! (celebs)

Ok! My top five celeb crush countdown!

Here they are:

5. Joey Rozmus from The Real World Cancun! I think he's so cute! Even though he's technically not a "celebrity" I think hes a really cute semi-famous person, guy. Even though he's kind of an... ass. (Sorry dad and grandma) hahaa..

4. Ray Liotta. My favorite version of Ray Liotta is the Field of Dreams baseball player he plays. Hello beautiful! For those of you dont know who Ray Liotta is this is him! He always look really good in whatever he's in but he barely has any good pictures.

3. George Clooney! Haaa! No matter what he's in he looks amazing. I especially like him in "From Dusk Till Dawn" I think its the tattoo that goes up his arm to his neck maybe... But he is just a classic handsome guy!

2. Vince Vaughn! I never knew that he was so gorgeous until I watched swingers. Ever since then I've been totally in love with him!

1. Ashton Kutcher, he has always been one of my faves so I put him number 1. He's just so perfect!

0. I didn't really know where to put him because he's not my number one but I couldn't put him after anyone so he's my number 0. Jude Law, and if you read my earlier post you'll know what I think about him already!

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