Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love friends. Life would be so boring without them. And if you think about it the only good friends are the kinds that you can be as retarded as you want around and they can be too. And if you have a friend who doesnt act stupid around you, good luck. Real friends will imitate the mom from Malcom in the Middle, yelling it in front of the whole school. And real friends will make stupid faces to you no matter how ugly they look. Or run around in the streets at night singing really loud and hiding from cars when they drive by, or walk like a dinosaur and make pteradactyl noises around your neighborhood.

And i promised Oakley that i would write about her in here. Gurlll you dont have to tell me I already know. :) You are my best friend! The Best friend that i'm talking about in my little paragraph. You tolerate my retardedness and laugh at me even when i'm not even being funny! And I know that you have my back and you know I have yours. Not only are we the same size but we practically share a brain! Gurl I love you! <3

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