Friday, December 4, 2009

High School

High School is so annoying. Whoever said that boys are meaner than girls, was sadly mistaken. Girls have a way of finding your one weak spot and stabbing right into it! I was in my 6th period math class on thursday (which is two hours long) and everyone was done with their work/homework. So these "popular" girls start talking to this shy, quiet girl. They happened to know who she has a crush on. So they say "Oh heyy you like Austin right?" and she says "Ya alot!" so one of them tells her that she has his number and she should text him! So she texts the number, and he replys! Saying "Hey your that cute freshman girl right?:)" And I was just listening and observing because the poor quiet girl is telling the whole class! Then the "popular girl" tells her how she should tell him that she likes him! And meanwhile, the poor quiet girl is talking to "Austin" and she thinks hes being all flirty with her. But whats really happening, is that This poor girl was given one of the "popular girls" number and they called it Austins number. When really this girl is texting these mean girls thinking it's her crush! And they're all leading her on telling her "You better text him fast he doesnt like when girls are slow" and texting her saying things like "So who do you like baby?<3 ;)" And I didnt figure this out until about half of the period was over. I thought that she was texting Austin! And this poor girl is asking me what I think she should say to him cause she really likes him and she doesnt want to say the wrong thing! And I just kept saying "Oh I dont know I think you should just stop texting him for now" but inside i'm thinking "Stop texting him! Its these evil girls that you think are your friends!" And I would've told her, i could've but I wasnt going to embarrass her in front of the whole class! So after the period was over i folled her and said "Paige! Hey I need to tell you something!, You're not really texting Austin, you're talking to those girls. They're pretending to be Austin" And it was the saddest thing. It was like watching a poor little dog get hit by a car, like I just told her that her little brother got shot in a drive-by! And she just said "...Seriously?" And I said "Yeah I'm really sorry, I didnt want to say anything in front of everyone" and she went into the bathroom and started crying and she called her mom and told her and it was the saddest thing. The worst part was, everyone in the whole class knew the whole time and she had never been anything but nice to these girls and she thought that they were trying to help her. I'm definitely thinking that its a good thing my little sister is going to go to private school...

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