Friday, December 18, 2009


Hi I'm back! I feel like I havent blogged in forever! It's winter break and I feel so relieved. Like that feeling when you go under the water in a 9 foot deep pool, touch the bottom and try to swim up. And the surface just seems like it's getting farther and farther away and your thinking "Okay it would be nice to breath now. Come on! Lets go!" And you feel the air on your hand and finally you get a break! Thats about how I feel. The only bad thing is that in two weeks I'm gonna get pushed under the water again! Anywho, right now my brain feels like fall. Fall as in the season. *(In case you were wondering) I feel like my "adolescence leaves" are changing color and falling off the trees for spring, and flowers are preparing to bloom. My mind is swirling with imagination, and passion. I think it would be the best thing if you could give your brain a big shower. Your poor brain never stops working. Even when you're sleeping, you have to dream to cope with your problems and stresses that happen throughout the day because your brain can barely do it when you're awake. I wish that I could wash out everything that troubles me! I'm happy right now, feelin' good! (and healthy... for now)
For some reason, I feel like analyzing everything if you couldn't tell...
Well there's my big update!
New blogs coming soon!:D

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