Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sheer Cover!

Ok so I'm gonna do a Sheer Cover mineral makeup review on here cause I just got it from an infomercial... Anyways! I know you're all gonna think "Somebody has been watching way too many infomercials", but I can't help it! I stay up late and all they have on at 2 in the morning are paid programs. Well, I just got my SheerCover and I actally like it alot. It's really really light and it feels like you just put sunscreen on your face, which is sort of weird because it's a powder but its good! And it really does stay on for a log time. I put it on at about 5 pm, and it started wearing off at about 11 pm. Thats perfect for me because I think school is about 6 hours and that's all I really need it for. But it's really nice how it gives you just as much coverage as a liquid foundation and it lasts longer and stays on nicer. My old foundation got blotchy and streaky all the time and I always felt that it was orange hue-ish. SheerCover is pretty good I would recommend it! Thats all for now!

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