Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heres a laugh!

Okay, so apparently I was a fantastic writer even when I was in second grade....
I just found a story that I wrote and I am gonna write it all out EXACTLY how I wrote it in second grade. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, everything. Get ready for this one!

chapter 1 of the gold dragon
once upon a time there whas a gold dragon and a knight and one day the knight named theodor whas garding the queens & kings casle. theodor the knight saw fir come out of nowhere he quick put out his sard and the fir stoped. he thought it was stramge. so he told the king and queen but and they thought he wus crasy and told him he whas a day dreamer but he egnored and whent to where the fire came from when he got thare he whas thirsty and week and came to a rock the rock moved so did theodor the rock slided so did theodor and gusse what theodor did not know it whas the gold dragon not arock. and theodor jumped of the rock or dragon and ran and he whas not crasy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he screemed and never ever stop
chapter 2 not so bad
after that day theodor never whent back but the dragon this time whent to theodor that day the day the dragon whas coming to theodor theordor whas waching the casle scurde even not knowing that the dragon whas coming. that day at 7 .p.m. the dragon came theodor whas tired waching the casle thats when it hapned theodor whent to sit on the grass this time he did not reremder what color the dragonwhaus the color was green he sat on the grass the grass whas not grass it was the dragon of coors. it moved theodor samed of the grass and screamed help me help me help me. i am being atacket by umonster help me please you have to suve me the dragon just sat and said i will not hirt you theodor stoped scureaming and listend a little while and screamed again. and the dragon said stop you are hirting my eres theodor grined the dragon said why are you grinning? because i am hirting your eres and the dragon said i dont get it? theodor said you are scary where did you come from spain? no I came from asia why. you are scary oh. theodor scureamed again stop it said the dragon no said theodor you are to scary you diserv it. oh great! said the dragon.

not yet rated

Hahahaha that was it! I Hope you like it! Oh and by the way I FINALLY did actually get the comments to work so you can comment all of my posts now:)

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