Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey everyone I haven't been on in forever so I haven't had time to sit down and blog! Okay, so I was thinking about something the other day when some kid in my health class ripped one. Is that farts don't even really gross me out. I mean sure the smell can be pretty nasty but how is that so different from coughing or sneezing in the middle of a room full of people?! I think that the reason that farts gross people out so much is because it reminds them that people have butts! Okay it's not so convincing yet but you'll catch on. So a cough doesn't come out of your butt, but no one gets grossed out when you cough. Unless you don't cover your mouth or you can hear all the mucus losening up in your throat...but we don't really need to talk about that right now. Anyways! I think that people just get disgusted at the fact that everyone has a butt! And it doesn't gross you out when you see someone, you're not thinking eww they have a butt. But when you hear something come popping out it's just like oh yeah! EWW! It's not like farting is THAT bad but the whole idea of it is just so weird! Well, that all just popped up into my head in 2 seconds so it may not sound as good as it did when I was thinking it but you hopefully get the picture! :)


  1. Nah, it's because farts are composed of teeny tiny little particles of poop that get in your nose. So somebody else's butt funk gets up into your nose so you can smell it.

  2. Oh ya, that's probably the real reason why! Hahah but when you actually smell it you don't automatically think "Ew farts are composed of teeny tiny little particles of poop and now they are in my nose" do you? Hahaha