Saturday, January 15, 2011

If I ever tell you that my room is messy, it is. I think people are so used to having people tell them "Nooo my room is sooo messy! You can't go in it's too messy! Okay fine but you asked for itt" and then they go in and there's like three shirts on the floor, a pair of shoes, and a jacket on their unmade bed and the person who's room it is, is just like "oh goshh this is soo embarrassing let me quick try to clean it as fast as possible" and you're standing in this messy room thinking "hahahahahahahahahahah this is messy?! You should take a look in my room, this is clean for me" I think people are used to having others tell them things and then it's not really true. But if I tell you that my room is really messy, believe me, it is really really messy, I mean like 20 shirts on the floor, 4 pairs of shoes, 5 jackets on places that you didn't know jackets could even be, like on the ceiling or something, and some other unknown objects smushed into the carpet. And I'm like I told you it was messy why do you look so surprised? Were you expecting it to be clean? No. So, many people may tell you things that aren't true, such as their room is dirty. But don't worry, if I tell you that, I won't let your expectations down. (actually my room is clean right now so that's pretty cool) k bye

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